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Inshort, it is a full-fledged family health tourism channel for Indian viewers.

MEDILIFE TV is a novel idea for the health conscious people of opens up the world of health,medical science,lifestyle and health-tourism to Malayalee audience,not only in kerala but across the world.

Our Specialities

Potential for a loyal and huge support base for viewers

Cost Effectiveness

We determined the cost effectiveness of the strategy and we decided to go forth with what we are going to do.

Innovative & Diverse

To innovate, To adapt, to achieve the unexpected by creating diverse teams and focusing not only on their competition but on real inclusion to encourage people to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Team of Professioanls

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Financial Backup

When bonds yields rise and price fall, the market is said to backup. An invester whi swaps out of one security into another of shorter current maturity is said to our financial backup.

World Class Broadcasting

Truly believe in modern contribution going on all over the world.

Loyal & Huge Support

Those who can claim this virtue are often blended with better health and overall relationship, satisfaction and happiness professionaly and personaly.

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We believe that it is our specialties that give them faith in our future



IPTV is a service that provides television programming and other video content using the TCP/IP protocol suite as opposed to traditional cable or satellite signals.


Multi Languages

We are broadcasting programs on both Malayalam and International languages. We are a large Multilingual Televison Network of variety of programs.


New Experience

Our programmes cover a wide range of subjects related to health, which ranges from documentaries, talk shows to lifestyle and tourism programmes.








of Experience

Meet Our Experts

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Deepu R Sasidharan

Managing Director

Deepu R Sasidharan

Managing Director

Tweleve years in the world of media, Deepu R Sasidharan, a technology expert has make a mark in the field of Televison Channel integraton work. His expertise in new Technology in visual media and other platforms gives an added edge to his brilliant leadership. He is also in film production and runs a software firm too.

Rajesh Kurup


Rajesh Kurup


A born leader, who leads from the front, Rajesh B Kurup has been in the visual media for past 15years. He has worked as Associate Director for some of the leading Directors in Mollywood. There are two serials and score of other TV programs to his credit.

T Rajesh Kumar

Director Administration

T Rajesh Kumar

Director Administration

Twenty three years in media related businesses, T Rajesh Kumar is an expert in the day -to day administration of the channel. His knack to handle any issues on the go comes from his extensive . . . expenence running Asianet cable franchise, an advertising agency and undertaking VS.S.C .contract for transportation.

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